Faculty Staffs-Organization/Faculty

Division of Humanities

Research Group of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Laboratory of Philosophy and Ethics
  • SANO Katsuhiko Professor
    Research Fields: Logic
  • KURATA Nobuo Professor
    Research Fields: Applied ethics, ethics, history of occidental philosophy
  • TAGUCHI Shigeru Professor
    Research Fields: Philosophy (phenomenology) and interdisciplinary study of experience
  • MURAMATSU Masataka Professor
    Research Fields: Modern French philosophy
  • MIYAZONO Kengo Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Early Modern Philosophy
  • NOMURA Yasushi Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Philosophy
Laboratory of Religious Studies and Indian Philosophy
  • MIYAJIMA Shunichi Professor
    Research Fields: Phenomenology of Religion, Friedrich Heiler, Death and Life Studies, Spirituality, Bioethics
  • HAYASHIDERA Shoshun Professor
    Research Fields: Buddhism
  • SASAKI Kei Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: John's Gospel, New Testament, Christianity, Religion
  • MANABE Tomohiro Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Indian Philosophy, History of Indian Philosophy

Research Group of History

Laboratory of Japanese History
  • KAWAGUCHI Akihiro Professor
    Research Fields: History of Japan
  • TANIMOTO Akihisa Professor
    Research Fields: Japanese early modern(Edo Era) history
  • HASHIMOTO Yu Professor
    Research Fields: Medieval Japanese History, East Asian Maritime History
  • KWEON Seok-yeong Professor
    Research Fields: Japanese Intellectual History, Korean History
  • YOSHIDA Takuya Lecturer
    Research Fields: Japanese Ancient History
Laboratory of Oriental History
  • SATO Kentaro Professor
    Research Fields: History of the Muslim West
  • YOSHIKAI Masato Professor
    Research Fields: China's Southern Borderland, Modern China
  • UMEMURA Naoki Associate Professor
    Research Fields: history of society and thought of the Song dinasty
  • SUEMORI Haruka Lecturer
    Research Fields: History of west Asia (Ottoman and Turkish history)
Laboratory of Occidental History
  • HASEGAWA Takahiko Professor
    Research Fields: Western history
  • YAMAMOTO Fumihiko Professor
    Research Fields: German Medieval History, German Early Modern History
  • MATSUSHIMA Akio Professor
    Research Fields: The Social History of Modern France religions, The History of Modern France religion policies
  • MURATA Katsuyuki Professor
    Research Fields: American History, American Culture
  • SUNADA Toru Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: History of Rome
  • YASUKATA Kaori Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Early Modern European History, Regional History of Alsace
Laboratory of Archaeology
  • TAKASE Katsunori Professor
    Research Fields: Prehistoric archaeology
  • KOSUGI Yasushi Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: Archaeology, Study of material culture
  • KUNIKITA Dai Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Archaeology, Archaeological Science

Research Group of Cultural Diversity Studies

Laboratory of Cultural Anthropology
  • YAMAGUCHI Mikako Professor
    Research Fields: Anthropology of Animal, Hunter and gatherers culture, North American Indigenous People, Art
  • ODA Hiroshi Professor
    Research Fields: anthropology, peace research, ethnography methodology
  • COKER Caitlin Christine Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Anthropology, Embodiment, Performance Studies, Affect Theory
  • TANAKA Yumi Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Anthropology, trees and people, art, Research of the Nordic indigenous people
Laboratory of Aesthetics and History of Art
  • YAKOU Hisashi Professor
    Research Fields: History of Art
  • ASANUMA Keiko Professor
    Research Fields: Aesthetics/history of art
  • IMAMURA Nobutaka Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Aesthetics, Art Theory, Museum Studies
Laboratory of Museum Studies
  • SASAKI Toru Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: (1) Museum Management (2) Cultural Anthropolog
  • HISAI Atsuyo Associate Professor
    Research Fields: History and Culture of Wildlife, Museology
  • CHO Yenling Lecturer
    Research Fields: Museum Studies

Research Group of Cultural Representations

Laboratory of European and American Literature
  • SENAHA Eijun Professor
    Research Fields: English and Gender Studies
  • TAKEUCHI Yasuhiro Professor
    Research Fields: American Literature
  • TAKEUCHI Shuichi Professor
    Research Fields: French literature
  • TODA Satoshi Professor
    Research Fields: History of ancient Christianity, Literature of the Christian Orient (ancient and medieval), Classical philology
  • OGURA Hikaru Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Russian Literature, Polish Literature, Comparative Literature
  • MIYASHITA Yayoi Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Shakespearean Drama, Narrative Theory, Medieval English Literature
Laboratory of Pre-modern Japanese Literature and Culture
  • KANAZAWA Hideyuki Professor
    Research Fields: Ancient Japanese literature
  • MINAMI Yoko Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Japanese early-modern literature
  • NOMOTO Tosei Associate Professor
    Research Fields: narrative literature
  • KOBAYASHI Tadamasa Lecturer
    Research Fields: Study of Japanese HEIAN literature
Laboratory of Sinology
  • TAMURA Yoko Professor
    Research Fields: Chinese performing arts and literature
  • YUHAZU Kazuyori Professor
    Research Fields: Scholarship and thought in ancient China
  • KONDO Hiroyuki Professor
    Research Fields: Chinese philosophy, A history of philosophical theories of <i>Zhou-yi</i>
  • XIONG Zheng Lecturer
    Research Fields: Classical Chinese literature and Chinese philosophy
Laboratory of Visual and Modern Culture
  • YING Xiong Professor
    Research Fields: Image and Representation Studies
  • OSHINO Takeshi Professor
    Research Fields: Modern Japanese literature, Cultural Studies
  • MIZUTAMARI Mayumi Professor
    Research Fields: Gender, History of Thought
  • KAWASAKI Kohei Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Visual culture studies, Japanese film studies

Research Group of Linguistics

Laboratory of Linguistics
  • NOMURA Masuhiro Professor
    Research Fields: English linguistics, cognitive linguistics, semantics
  • FUJITA Takeshi Professor
    Research Fields: French Linguistics, Romance Linguistics, Generative Grammar
  • KATO Shigehiro Professor
    Research Fields: General Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics, Linguistic Pragmatics
  • SATO Tomomi Professor
    Research Fields: Linguistics, Ainu, Northern Languages
  • LEE Yeonju Professor
    Research Fields: Korean Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics
  • TSUTA Kiyoyuki Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Japanese Linguistics, Philology, Historical Linguistics
  • SUGAI Kenta Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Russian Linguistics, Slavic Linguistics

Division of Human Sciences

Research Group of Psychology

Laboratory of Psychology
  • KAWAHARA Jun-ichiro Professor
    Research Fields: Cognitive Psychology (attention, memory, perception of attractiveness, stress)
  • KAWABATA Yasuhiro Professor
    Research Fields: Cognitive psychology, Color science
  • ADACHI Mayumi Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: Music Psychology, Developmental Psychology of Music
  • TANABE Hiroko Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Cognitive and behavioral science (motor control, body expression, and sports psychology)
  • KANEKO Sae Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Vision Science
  • OGAWA Kenji Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Cognitive Neuroscience (Motor Control, Social Cognition)
  • TSURUMI Shuma Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Developmental cognitive psychology (infants' perception and recognition)
  • MORIMOTO Taku Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Cognitive psychology

Research Group of Behavioral Science

Laboratory of Behavioral Science
  • YUKI Masaki Professor
    Research Fields: Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Socio-Ecological Psychology
  • OHNUMA Susumu Professor
    Research Fields: Environmental Social Psychology
  • TAKAHASHI Nobuyuki Professor
    Research Fields: Social psychology
  • TAKEZAWA Masanori Professor
    Research Fields: Social Psychology, Social Decision Making, Adaptive Decision Making
  • TAKIMOTO Ayaka Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Comparative Cognitive Science
  • TAKAHASHI Taiki Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Behavioral neuroeconomics
  • NAKAJIMA Akira Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Applied Statistics

Research Group of Sociology

Laboratory of Sociology
  • HIGUCHI Mari Professor
    Research Fields: Social exclusion, care labor, family, Quantitative research methods, International comparison
  • SAKURAI Yoshihide Professor
    Research Fields: Sociology of Religion, Thai and Asian Studies
  • HIRASAWA Kazushi Professor
    Research Fields: Soiology
  • NG Ka Shing Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Nationalism studies, social movements, sociology of culture and religion, East-Asian studies
  • HIRAMATSU Makoto Lecturer
    Research Fields: Urban and regional sociology, Quantitative sociology
  • SHIMIZU Koki Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Sociology of Religion, subjective well-being, value studies

Research Group of Regional Science

Laboratory of Regional Science
  • HASHIMOTO Yuichi Professor
    Research Fields: Geography, Geographical Information Science (GIS)
  • MIYAUCHI Taisuke Professor
    Research Fields: environmental sociology, development sociology, regional sociology
  • SASAOKA Masatoshi Professor
    Research Fields: Environmental sociology, Political Ecology, Indonesian Area Studies
  • UENO Mayumi Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Wildlife Management, Population Ecology, Policy Science, Game biology, Science of hunting
  • TAKAHASHI Koki Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Social and Cultural Geography, Urban Studies, North American Studies, Island Studies
  • HAYASHI Takuya Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Rural Geography, Economic Geography, Tourism Studies, Community Development
  • TATSUZAWA Shirow Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Environmental impact assessment/environmental policy ,Resource maintenance studies ,Ecology/environment

International Affairs Unit

  • LA FAY Michelle Professor
    Research Fields: Protestant Christianity in Japan, Kanzo Uchimura
  • OGAWA Sawako Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Film history, music drama research

Cultural Enrichment Program

  • HIRAKAWA Zenki Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Environmental sociology, sociology of disaster and reconstruction, risk communication