TSUTA Kiyoyuki


TSUTA Kiyoyuki Associate Professor
Research Subject

I study the Japanese language of the past and the materials written in the past Japanese. The main subjects of my research are Nara-period grammars such as kakari-musubi and Shomono materials(lecture notes on the Chinese classics) in Muromachi-period.

Research Fields
Japanese Linguistics, Philology, Historical Linguistics
Faculty - Division / Research Group / Laboratory
Division of Humanities / Research Group of Linguistics / Laboratory of Linguistics
Graduate School - Division / Department / Laboratory
Division of Humanities / Department of Linguistics / Laboratory of Linguistics
School - Course / Laboratory
Division of Humanities and Human Sciences / Course of Linguistics and Literature / Laboratory of Linguistics

Office/Lab: 311
Email: tsuta.kiyoyuki(at)let.hokudai.ac.jp
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