MORIMOTO Taku Assistant Professor
Research Subject

My general research interest lies in human information processing that receives various kinds of information from multimodalities and uses it effectively in object recognition. Recently, I have been engaging myself in the investigation of cross-modal links between vision and haptics in memory.

Research Fields
Cognitive psychology
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Division of Human Sciences / Research Group of Psychology / Laboratory of Psychology
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Division of Human Sciences / Department of Psychology / Laboratory of Psychology
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Division of Humanities and Human Sciences / Course of Human Sciences / Laboratory of Psychology
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When recognizing objects, we can further understand them by acquiring information through visual perception as well as by directly touching them to sense their shapes and textures. How is the information obtained through the senses of vision, touch and hearing integrated in the process of cognitive processing? How do we utilize such information? I am conducting research to unravel the mechanisms behind information processing through these multiple senses.

It can be said that cognitive psychology is a discipline aimed at clarifying “the unknown black box of the human mind” through experiments by creating original experimental hurdles while adding various attempts to the original. Attempting to interpret the mysteries of the human mind is an extremely exciting task inspiring intellectual curiosity. Why not come and experience the pleasures of mind research with the faculty members and students of the laboratory of psychology of HU?