HIRAKAWA Zenki Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
Research Subject

Sociological research on disaster recovery (especially life reconstruction such as relocation). Sociological research on consensus building and risk communication regarding the familiar natural environment and safe and trustworthy food. Environmental sociological study of the relationship between the local community and the natural environment.

Research Fields
Environmental sociology, sociology of disaster and reconstruction, risk communication
Faculty - Division / Research Group / Laboratory
Cultural Enrichment Program
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What image do you have of studying at graduate school? I think there is a widespread image that there is a narrow path for student researchers to pursue their specialty discipline in the ivory tower and make the most of their specialty. Some graduate students or those who intend to move on to graduate school may agree.

Given that students once again enhance their specialty research at graduate school, I wonder if the image mentioned above is true. Conducting research in graduate school is a series of trial and error. You are required to develop research plans, collect, peruse and analyze literature and data. If things go wrong, you must rework your research plans and hammer out your own conclusion at the end. Whatever specialties you may engage in, you need to identify issues, lay plans, interpret documents, think logically and express yourself in written form. If you really think about it, these are necessary skills in any occupation. The knowledge and skills you acquire in graduate school will inevitably be instrumental in any field regardless of your specialty.

The cultural enrichment program aims to further enhance the capabilities acquired in graduate school that will be useful in the real world. We are committed to helping graduate students create a brighter future.