Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies covers research fields such as Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies, and Indian Philosophy. Students in this department are required to tackle the core texts that make up each of these fields, thus giving them an opportunity to study multiple foreign languages. In some cases, it may even be necessary for students to study classical languages as well. Philosophy and Religion make-up one crucial aspect of human existence and, by studying how the ideas that make up these fields were absorbed, inherited, and developed, students are able to continuously improve their own capacities to think, feel, and express themselves. Researchers in this department work on a variety of different themes. These themes include research on classical texts, positivistic research on religious phenomena, research on bioethics or environmental ethics, and academic-oriented research on the relation between AI and neurosciences.

Laboratory of Philosophy and Ethics

The Laboratory of Philosophy and Ethics specializes in research and education on a wide variety of both classical and modern philosophical theories and problems. Research topics pursued here include classical Western Philosophy and Ethics starting from Ancient Greece, contemporary analyses in fields such as analytic philosophy, phenomenology, and Japanese philosophy, theoretical research on logic and meta-ethics, applied ethics, and academic research on the relation between neuroscience and AI.

Faculty List

  • KURATA Nobuo Professor
    Research Fields: Applied ethics, ethics, history of occidental philosophy
  • TAGUCHI Shigeru Professor
    Research Fields: German Philosophy, phenomenology and modern Japanese philosophy
  • MIYAZONO Kengo Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Aesthetics, Epistemology, Early Modern Philosophy
  • SANO Katsuhiko Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Logic
  • KONDO Tomohiko Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Ethics, Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy
  • MURAMATSU Masataka Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Modern French philosophy
  • NOMURA Yasushi Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Philosophy

Laboratory of Religious Studies and Indian Philosophy

Faculty members in the Laboratory of Religious Studies and Indian Philosophy consist of specialists in New Testament Studies, Religious Studies, Thanatology, and Buddhist Studies. Graduate students working here study topics related to these themes in order to both receive a degree and pursue work as either specialist researchers or as members of the workforce.

Faculty List

  • MIYAJIMA Shunichi Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Phenomenology of Religion, Friedrich Heiler, Death and Life Studies, Spirituality, Bioethics
  • SASAKI Kei Associate Professor
    Research Fields: John's Gospel, New Testament, Christianity, Religion
  • HAYASHIDERA Shoshun Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Buddhism