Department of Linguistics

In order to study language from a scientific perspective, the Department of Linguistics conducts descriptive, theoretical, positive, and applied research on both general linguistics and linguistics about one language. In addition to being able to conduct linguistic research on European languages like English, German, Germanic languages, French, Romantic languages, Russian, and Slavic languages, it is also possible to study the linguistics of Asian languages such as Korean and Ainu languages, and even study the linguistics of Japanese language. The Department of Linguistics takes many diverse approaches to the study of language. In addition to historical and social linguistics, it is possible to learn about a broad variety of linguistic phenomena, such as phonetics, phonology, forms, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics.

Laboratory of Linguistics

Faculty List

  • SHIMIZU Makoto Professor
    Research Fields: German and Germanic linguistics and philology
  • NOMURA Masuhiro Professor
    Research Fields: English linguistics, cognitive linguistics, semantics
  • FUJITA Takeshi Professor
    Research Fields: French Linguistics, Romance Linguistics, Generative Grammar
  • KATO Shigehiro Professor
    Research Fields: General Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics, Linguistic Pragmatics
  • SATO Tomomi Professor
    Research Fields: Linguistics, Ainu, Northern Languages
  • IKEDA Shoju Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: Japanese Linguistics, Japanese Historical Linguistics
  • SUGAI Kenta Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Russian Linguistics, Slavic Linguistics
  • LEE Yeonju Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Korean Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics
  • FUJIMOTO Junko Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Methodology of teaching Germany, Communication of different culture