Department of Cultural Diversity Studies

The Department of Cultural Diversity Studies is made up of “Cultural Anthropology”, “Aesthetics and History of Art”, and “Museum Studies”. While these are three very different fields, each laboratory in this department educates students based on the shared principles concerning〈Cultural Diversity〉and〈Fieldwork〉. “Cultural Anthropology” studies the plurality of – and the common points shared between – cultures around the world. “Aesthetics and Art History” researches the various fine arts, such as music, art, and drama, both East and West, Modern and Classic. “Museum Studies” displays the results of these two research fields in various museums exhibits. These research fields do not only involve reading at one’s desk. Rather, students are able to conduct research by engaging in on-site fieldwork.

Laboratory of Cultural Anthropology

All over the world, humanity has constructed a vast array of different cultures. “Cultural Anthropology” is a field which aims to study such cultural diversity by allowing the researchers to put themselves right in the middle of other cultures. By stepping outside of the world that we are familiar with, we become able to see the diversity inherent in the human race, thus making it possible for us to better understand our increasingly global society. In this way, the Laboratory of Cultural Anthropology is a free and creative research environment that offers students a chance to partake in this experience.

Faculty List

  • ODA Hiroshi Professor
    Research Fields: anthropology, peace research, ethnography methodology
  • COKER Caitlin Christine Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Anthropology, Embodiment, Performance Studies, Affect Theory
  • YAMAGUCHI Mikako Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Anthropology of Animal, Hunter and gatherers culture, North American Indigenous People, Art

Laboratory of Aesthetics and History of Art

The three faculty members in the Laboratory of Aesthetics and History of Art specialize in aesthetics, the history of Western art, and the history of modern aesthetics, respectively. This laboratory aims to observe the art-works and concepts of beauty as something which can show us the fruitful creations produced by humanity’s diverse set of cultures. To this end, members of this laboratory combine theoretical, universalized, and philosophical methods with positivistic, individuated, and historical methods in order to pursue a comprehensive knowledge of aesthetics and the history of art.

Faculty List

  • YAKOU Hisashi Professor
    Research Fields: History of Art
  • KITAMURA Kiyohiko Specially Appointed Professor
    Research Fields: Aesthetics/history of art
  • ASANUMA Keiko Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Aesthetics/history of art

laboratory of Museum Studies

At the Laboratory of Museum Studies, we are currently considering new methods for evaluating and creating museums that could be applicable to modern museum mission statements. We are undertaking this task by both conducting surveys of resources, works, and indexes, as well as by conducting fieldwork. We are also working to find new possible approaches we can take when working in museum studies, as well as to provide an upgraded version of the basic knowledge given in the Course for Prospective Museum Workers.

Faculty List

  • SASAKI Toru Professor
    Research Fields: (1) Museum Management (2) Cultural Anthropolog
  • YAMAMOTO Junji Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Museum management, Development of educational tool, Evolution of the solar system
  • HISAI Atsuyo Associate Professor
    Research Fields: History and Culture of Wildlife, Museology
  • SUZUKI Yukito Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Aesthetics/history of art