Graduate School

Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences

At the Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences, our goal is to gain a more profound understanding of human beings and society. In order to do this, we work to both conduct high-level research in the various fields that comprise the humanities and social sciences as well educate a new generation of students who are capable of responding to the complex and multi-faceted issues currently facing humanity. Our extensive educational framework – which ranges from textual interpretations to fieldwork and experimentation – provides a wide coverage of the various fields in the humanities and social sciences, and can thus provide the necessary training for cultivating a new generation capable of meeting society’s needs in the future.

The Two-Division System: The “Division of Humanities” and The “Division of Human Sciences”

The Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences is made up of two divisions. First, there is the “Division of Humanities”, which provides a comprehensive education to all of its students by uniting what had been three separate departments in the previous Faculty of Letters: “Philosophy and Cultural Studies”, “History and Anthropology”, and “Linguistics and Literature”. The second is the “Division of Human Sciences”, which not only maintains its previous role as an environment that can foster high level research, but has also been even further developed than it was during its tenure in the Faculty of Letters.
By studying the various fields that make up the human and social sciences, students are able to attain a broader perspective and become more knowledgeable about humanity and society.
Thus, the diverse array of 11 departments and 20 laboratories is split into 2 divisions. Between both of these divisions, there are over 100 faculty members available to help provide students with a flexible education.