Department of Regional Science

The Department of Regional Studies aims to conduct comprehensive research on the various problems present in our modern world by investigating them from the perspective of both human society and nature. In this Department, we attempt to gain a more profound society of a certain region by conducting on site-surveys from a “regional perspective”, based on principles from fields like regional sociology, anthropogeography, and social ecology and by furthermore allowing these different approaches come into dialogue with one another. Students are taught everything from basic theories to fieldwork methods, analytic methods, and how to apply their work to society. During this process, students are given a healthy dose of “outdoor education” in tandem with one-to-one advisory sessions, thus allowing to discover their own problems to investigate and solve. In this way, we hope to help cultivate researchers capable of carrying out such tasks necessary for the sake of our current society.

Laboratory of Regional Science

Faculty List

  • IKEDA Tohru Professor
    Research Fields: Conservation Ecology, Wildlife Management, Socioecology
  • HASHIMOTO Yuichi Professor
    Research Fields: Geography, Geographical Information Science (GIS)
  • MIYAUCHI Taisuke Professor
    Research Fields: environmental sociology, development sociology, regional sociology
  • HAYASHI Takuya Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Human Geography,Tourism Geography,Rural Geography
  • SASAOKA Masatoshi Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Environmental sociology, Political Ecology, Indonesian Area Studies
  • NIHEI Takaaki Associate Professor
    Research Fields: Human Geography, Agricultural Geography, Regional Geography
  • TATSUZAWA Shirow Assistant Professor
    Research Fields: Environmental impact assessment/environmental policy ,Resource maintenance studies ,Ecology/environment