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  2. <Hokkaido Summer Institute 2016> “Pacific Music Festival 2016” was held.

Publication Date : 2016/11/30

<Hokkaido Summer Institute 2016> “Pacific Music Festival 2016” was held.

During the 8 days of Jul. 19th ~ 26th, one of the course subjects of Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2016, Pacific Music Festival 2016: Art, Politics, and Economy was held.

HSI2016_PMF1There are 17 attendees in all. 10 of them are from Japan,
5 of them are from China, 1 of them is from Singapore, and 1 of them is from Thailand.
At the break time, the students from different countries communicated with each other actively.

Followed last year, this program invited professor Mari Yoshihara from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and professor Yujin Yaguchi from the University of Tokyo. Both of them are leading researchers of the American Cultural Studies. The program was in collaboration with professor Eijun Senaha in the Department of Western Literature at the Graduate School of Letters. Around the Pacific Music Festival (PMF) with the stage of Sapporo, learn the Cultural Studies about Art, Politics, and Economy.

The significant characteristic of the course is in the cooperation of the educational resources in Hokkaido like Ainu Museum and PMF. Besides the lectures in Hokkaido University, attendees went on a field trip to the Ainu Museum in Shiraoi, also the Sapporo’s Kitara Concert Hall. The whole program had a variety of activities including the concert, seminar, interview, and essay writing.

HSI2016_PMF2Professor Yaguchi (left) is focusing on the American Cultural Studies,
especially the achievements about Hawaii is outstanding.
Professor Yoshihara (right) is the leading authority of the study
about Leonard Bernstein, who was the founder of PMF.

After the two-day lecture class, the third day was a field trip to the Ainu Museum at Shiraoi. By having a tour of the exhibition, trying the traditional food of Ainu, learning to make mukkuri, professor Yaguchi gave an explanation about Indigenous Cultural studies.

HSI2016_PMF3 HSI2016_PMF4
Having a tour of the exhibition in the museum      Learning to make a mukkuri


In the morning of the 4th day, there was a lecture about PMF’s history. For the lunch break, teachers and the attendees brought the food and had a lunch party, promoted the friendship with each other.

HSI2016_PMF6For the lunch break, everyone brought the food and talked with each other.
Continued to the tasting of the traditional food in Ainu Museum the day before,
having food together made the members close to each other in short time.

In the afternoon, as the first-generation students of PMF, guest teacher Ms. Noriko Shibaki was coming. Now she is working in the PMF organizational Committee. She gave a lecture about PMF. Preserve study of the seminar planned on the next day in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara was held.

On the fifth day, in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, they enjoyed the PMF open rehearsal and open door concert. On the sixth day, after the concert of PMF orchestra, they also took part in the educational seminar with the general participants together. The chairman of the educational seminar was professor Yoshihara, she had a conversation of the conductor John Axelrod, and also held a Q&A session with the participants in the venue. After that, there was an interview with the member of PMF Orchestra Academy.
PMF Educational Seminar

HSI2016_PMF7In the educational seminar, a student was asking a question to Mr. Axelrod.

HSI2016_PMF8To the question, Mr. Axelrod let the attendee go up to the stage, improvised the pantomime.
They made a perfect pair, that the audience clapped loudly.
(c) PMF Organizational Committee

HSI2016_PMF9Professor Yoshihara was the Chairman.
The attendee interviewed three PMF Orchestra Academy.
(c) PMF Organizational Committee

In the last two days, the lecture classes and the writing workshop for the final essay were held. The workshop was held in several small groups. The attendees commented on each other, and asked questions to the teachers, received advice. In this class, the final tasks were handed up after the English review. The person who takes in charge of English proofreading is Mr. Thomas Dallyn (a doctoral course student in Linguistics at the Graduate School of Letters), he had also taken part in the class. Making use of the experiences of the English review last year, continued to give advice to the attendees.

HSI2016_PMF10The coordinator of the lecture is professor Senaha, who also gave advice about essay writing.



HSI2016_PMF13The attendee is asking a question to Mr. Dallyn, who proofreads final essay.
Mr. Dallyn reviewed the final essay of all students.

At final, everyone presented their impressions and results of this program. The 8 days course is very substantial.


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