Hokkaido Summer Institute 2018: Taking applications for non-Hokkaido University students begins from February 1st, 2018


Since 2015, the Hokkaido University has started the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI), a summer program that brings together world-leading researchers with proven track records in education/research and Hokkaido University faculty members to provide educational experiences to students from across Japan and around the world.

For HSI2018, you can find 120 courses at the undergraduate/graduate level in humanities, social sciences, science, engineering, agriculture, health, education, art and interdisciprinary studies.
Any students interested in the program are welcome to apply.

We begin taking applications for non-Hokkaido University students in Japan and abroad from February 1, 2018, and the application deadline is February 28.

For more details about applications, please check the HSI official website:

The Graduate School of Letters / Faculty of Letters offers the eight courses below:

[Social Ecology] Principles of Invasion Ecology
[Cultural Psychology] Frontiers in Cultural Psychology 2018
[Seminar in Sociology] Sociology of Language: Language and Wellbeing in Japan

Academic Paper-Writing Workshop for Cultural and Social Psychological Journals 2018
[Ethics] Self in Phenomenology and Japanese Philosophy
[Regional Sciences] General Theory of Invasive Alien Species Management
[Logic] Introduction to Logic
[Contemporary Philosophy] Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Applications

For the overview of those courses, please click here.