〈Hokkaido Summer Institute 2017〉Issues in the Japanese Sociology of Language was held

“Issues in the Japanese Sociology of Language” was offered as one of the course for Hokkaido Summer Institute (HIS) 2017. It lasted for 4 days between from August 7th to the 10th.

Of the 26 participants, 13 came from other universities.

This course was designed to think about the situation of modern Japanese language, Ainu language, Ryukyu language, and various “dialects” in relation to the various changes occurring in society and the country. Professor Jun Imai of the Faculty of Letters Social System Sciences Major was the program coordinator. Professor Patrick Heinrich of the University of Venice was invited as a lecturer as well. In this course, both professors provided students lectures on the newest trends in linguistic sociology.

In this class, in addition to lectures, students watched videos and participated in discussions. Many different activities were packed into this class.

A professor moving class forward with a dialogue with his students. In a full classroom.
Professor Patrick Heinrich (University of Venice – Department of Asian and North African Studies)