<Hokkaido Summer Institute 2017>”Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Applications” was held

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“Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Applications” was opened as one of the classes offered at Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2017. It lasted for 5 days, from August 21st to the 25th.

This class was given as the advanced course for logic. It continued last year’s project by focusing on the topic of “Dynamic Epistemic Logic”, which has been developed greatly in recent years. This course featured lecturers from both universities abroad as well as Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Letters, and was offered to a small number of graduate students who had already mastered the basics of logic. Students and teachers worked together closely to get through a content-rich 5 day-course.

On the first day, one of the world leaders in the fields of logic and formal philosophy, Professor Johan van Benthem, gave a remote lecture this year as well. This provided students with a valuable chance to take a class given by a top researcher.

Professor Johan van Benthem
(Amsterdam University/Stanford University/Tsinghua University)

Van Benthem’s passionate lecture to the students

From start to end, the class proceeds smoothly

The main lecturers for these 5 days were Amsterdam University’s Professor Smets and Associate Professor Baltag. Students listened intently to lessons given by these two lecturers who are world renowned for their expertise in Dynamic Epistemic Logic.

As modern society becomes more complicated, communication becomes more complicated as well. This course used lots of example in order to teach students about Dynamic Epistemic Logic, which deals with the inferences concerning mutual changes in knowledge that are necessary for speaking in a logical manner. Students took various concrete examples to learn how to use Dynamic Epistemic Logic to analyze and express complex communication and the thought process behind it.

Professor Sonja Smets (Amsterdam University)

Associate Professor Alexandru Baltag (Amsterdam University)

Professor Tomoyuki Yamada
(Hokkaido University / Graduate School of Letters – Philosophy Department)
Program Coordinator of the two courses on logic in HSI2017

In order to enable students to analyze and deal with complicated situations in not only the field of logic, but also actual society as well, this course will also be offered with a new main lecturer next year.