Hokkaido Summer Institute 2021: Logic (Seminar): Introduction to Logic 2021 held

For five days from August 23 to 27, a Logic (Seminar): Introduction to Logic 2021 was held as a course offered by Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2021. This seminar was conducted by Associate Professor Katsuhiko SANO at Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences, Hokkaido University.

The seminar was held online this time, attracting a host of participants from various regions including India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia as well as from across Japan. Moreover, it was designed for participants to acquire logical thinking skills through key points and assignments distributed online on a daily basis.

The seminar started with the introduction of participants, followed by an overview of the course by Associate Professor Sano and instructions on how to tackle assignments (based on the importance of a hands-on approach to assignments). Students started with the basics; namely, an explanation of what logic is as well as syntactic and semantic theories related to propositional logic. Frequent opportunities to tackle assignments using Zoom Breakout Rooms enabled participants to gain in-depth understanding by discussing questions with one another or asking the teaching assistants questions. Assignments were given every day with the exception of the last day. Participants learned the basics of propositional logic, modal logic and predicate logic by taking a hands-on approach to assignments.


Positioned to provide a foundation for logic, this five-day course was held prior to Topics in Applied Modal Logic 2021, which was offered the following week as an application of logic (instructed by Associate Professor Katsuhiko SANO, Dr. Jeremy Seligman of the University of Auckland and Dr. Tomoyuki YAMADA, Professor Emeritus at Hokkaido University).