〈Hokkaido Summer Institute 2019〉”Contemporary Philosophy: Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Applications 2019” was held.

Contemporary Philosophy: Dynamic Epistemic Logic and its Applications 2019 was held as one course for Hokkaido Summer Institute 2019 for 5 days from August 19th to the 23rd. This was the 4th consecutive year that this class has been held at Hokkaido Summer Institute. This class was taught by Professor Katsuhiko Sano, Dr. Hans van Ditmarsch (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, France), and Professor Emeritus Tomoyuki Yamada (Hokkaido University).

First, Professor Sano explained the goal of this class and introduced Dr. van Ditmarsch and his work. Dr. Ditmarsch then listened to students given self introductions before beginning his lecture.

Professor Sano introduces Dr. van Ditmarsch’s work
Dr. van Ditmarsch listens carefully to students introducing themselves
Dr. van Ditmarsch giving his lecture

In addition to lectures, students were given time each day to work on assigments and practical exercises. Using a puzzle from Dr. van Ditmarsch’s work 100 Prisoners and a Light Bulb (by Hans van Ditmarsch and Barteld Kooi, Copernicus, 2016), lecturers carefully analyzed what kind of knowledge the characters had and how the public announcements they make change this knowledge. Dr. van Ditmarsch helped carefully correct students’ assignments after class, thus showing the enthusiastic approach to teaching that he provided this year.

On the fifth day, Professor Tomoyuki Yamada also appeared in class. Dr. van Ditmarsch listened closely to his lecture.

Professor Yamada’s lecture

In their feedback, students stated: “The class was difficult, but working together with a small number of students to solve the assignments was a valuable experience,” and “this class broadened my perspective.”