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The master’s course typically takes 2 years for completion. In the guidance session at the beginning of the course, information on classes and course studies in general is provided, and then the students are assigned to advisors. 30 credits or more are necessary in order to attain a master’s degree for which thesis writing is a major requirement. Students work on their theses under the instruction of their advisors. It is also an important training opportunity for them to partake in seminars and conferences with scholars from their specialized field.


Course subject (PDF)


Since the academic year 2005, students on the master’s courses have been allowed, after consultation with their supervisors, to carry out a Master Research Project instead of writing a master’s thesis. In a Master Research Project, they are required to research into a pre-set topic, regularly report their progress, and submit a “Report of Master Research Project” at the end of the course.


The master’s course entrance examination is held twice each academic year, in September (the 1st call) and February (the 2nd call), to fill a total of 90 places.






Information Session on Graduate Studies, at the Graduate School of Letters


Applications for the master’s course entrance examination (the 1st call) to be received


Master’s Course Entrance Examination (the 1st call) to be held


Applications for the master’s course entrance examination (the 2nd call) to be received


Master’s Course Entrance Examination (the 2nd call) to be held



Enrollment Ceremony, Research topic to be submitted

The Final Year


Master’s thesis title to be submitted


Master’s thesis to be submitted


Conferral Ceremony (Master’s Degrees)


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