The Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences is a research facility with roughly 90 researchers. There are two divisions, which focus on the Humanities and Human Sciences respectively. The Humanities Division is split up into 14 laboratories and 5 research groups. The Human Sciences Division has 4 research groups. Educators are able to cover the various, diverse fields that make up the human and social sciences and, as a result, are able to engage in research and education that is capable of providing us with a greater knowledge of, and new perspectives for us to look at, humanity and society

Division Research groups Laboratory
Humanities Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophy and Ethics
Religious Studies and Indian Philosophy
History Japanese History
Oriental History
Occidental History
Cultural Diversity Studies Cultural Anthropology
Aesthetics and History of Art
Museum Studies
Cultural Representations European and American Literature
Pre-modern Japanese Literature and Culture
Visual and Modern Culture
Linguistics Linguistics
Human Sciences Psychology Psychology
Behavioral Science Behavioral Science
Sociology Sociology
Regional Science Regional Science