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HASEGAWA Takahiko Professor

History and Area Studies / Occidental History
Specialized Field
Western history
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Lab. Letters: Messages from the Laboratory

Revisiting history from a new perspective

The merit of learning history is that one can see things from a new perspective. Analyzing evidences and mapping them into a larger picture is conducive to seeing a new phase of history.

My speciality is modern British history from the 18th to the 19th centuries. Britain in those days was the forerunner of modernization in the world. During the Industrial Revolution, the significant changes in social structure created the various kinds of voluntary associations. Considering these transitions not only from political and economic perspectives, but also from a cultural viewpoint is a current mode of historical research. Research on cultural history has just begun. The younger generation of historians is expected to explore a new frontier in this field.

  • The Houses of Parliament in London seen from the opposite bank of the River Thames
  • York Shambles, a remnant from the Middle Ages

Profound analytical ability and accumulated knowledge serve as your selling points.

The research topics that students chose from a wide range of historical subjects vary widely. Some students pursue the history of “masculinity” in America, and others work on Polish peasants history. This course provides an environment where students can participate in reading circle and free discussion group at their will, even if their research topics differ by country and period.

Learning history offers you more than in-depth expertise. It also empowers you to reflect things in an objective manner, categorize them in order and analyze them critically. These abilities are sure to be valued by any company or civil service, serving as remarkable selling points. I look forward to turning out graduates who apply these skills and play active roles in public.

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