Logic, Rationality, and Interaction

6th International Workshop, LORI 2017, Sapporo, Japan, September 11-14, 2017, Proceedings
Herausgegeben von Baltag, Alexandru/ Seligman, Jeremy/ Yamada, Tomoyuki (Eds.)
山田 友幸 共編、佐野 勝彦 分担執筆
佐野 勝彦 さの かつひこ 教員ページ
山田 友幸(名誉教授) やまだ ともゆき


本書は2017年9月に北大で開催されたLORI VI(第6回「言語・論理・相互行為」国際会議)の発表論文集です。LORI は東アジアに哲学、計算機科学、ゲーム理論、認知科学等における論理的アプローチを含むような広い意味での論理の研究コミュニティを育てることを目指して2007年に開始された、欧米とアジアの出会う国際会議です。2007、2009、2011、2013年に中国大陸で開催され、2015年の台湾開催を経て、今回初めて日本で開催されました。

ISBN: 9783662556641
発行日: 2017.09.30
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出版社: Springer
本文言語: 英語


A Logical Framework for Graded Predicates
Cintula, Petr (et al.)
Evidence Logics with Relational Evidence
Baltag, Alexandru (et al.)
Rational Coordination with no Communication or Conventions
Goranko, Valentin (et al.)
Towards a Logic of Tweeting
Xiong, Zuojun (et al.)
Multi-Path vs. Single-Path Replies to Skepticism
Wang, Wen-fang
An Extended First-Order Belnap-Dunn Logic with Classical Negation
Kamide, Norihiro (et al.)
A Characterization Theorem for Trackable Updates
Cinà, Giovanni
Convergence, Continuity and Recurrence in Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Klein, Dominik (et al.)
Dynamic Logic of Power and Immunity
Dong, Huimin (et al.)
A Propositional Dynamic Logic for Instantial Neighborhood Models
Benthem, Johan (et al.)
Contradictory Information as a Basis for Rational Belief
Přenosil, Adam
Stability in Binary Opinion Diffusion
Christoff, Zoé (et al.)
Quotient Dynamics: The Logic of Abstraction
Baltag, Alexandru (et al.)
The Dynamics of Group Polarization
Proietti, Carlo
Doing Without Nature
Putte, Frederik (et al.)
Axiomatizing Epistemic Logic of Friendship via Tree Sequent Calculus
Sano, Katsuhiko
The Dynamic Logic of Stating and Asking: A Study of Inquisitive Dynamic Modalities
Ciardelli, Ivano
The Stubborn Non-probabilist—‘Negation Incoherence’ and a New Way to Block the Dutch Book Argument
Wroński, Leszek (et al.)
Conjunction and Disjunction in Infectious Logics
Omori, Hitoshi (et al.)
On the Concept of a Notational Variant
Kocurek, Alexander W.
Conditional Doxastic Logic with Oughts and Concurrent Upgrades
Ciuni, Roberto
On Subtler Belief Revision Policies
Velázquez-Quesada, Fernando R.
Topo-Logic as a Dynamic-Epistemic Logic
Baltag, Alexandru (et al.)
Strategic Knowledge of the Past in Quantum Cryptography
Chareton, Christophe (et al.)
Enumerative Induction and Semi-uniform Convergence to the Truth
Lin, Hanti
How to Make Friends: A Logical Approach to Social Group Creation
Smets, Sonja (et al.)
Examining Network Effects in an Argumentative Agent-Based Model of Scientific Inquiry
Borg, AnneMarie (et al.)
Substructural Logics for Pooling Information
Punčochář, Vít (et al.)
Logical Argumentation Principles, Sequents, and Nondeterministic Matrices
Corsi, Esther Anna (et al.)
Non-triviality Done Proof-Theoretically
French, Rohan (et al.)
Sette’s Logics, Revisited
Omori, Hitoshi
Multi-agent Belief Revision Using Multisets
Georgatos, Konstantinos
Boosting Distance-Based Revision Using SAT Encodings
Konieczny, Sébastien (et al.)
Counterfactuals in Nelson Logic
Kapsner, Andreas (et al.)
A Dynamic Approach to Temporal Normative Logic
Ju, Fengkui (et al.)
Labelled Sequent Calculus for Inquisitive Logic
Chen, Jinsheng (et al.)
Testing Minimax for Rational Ignorant Agents
Daoust, Marc-Kevin (et al.)
A Reconstruction of Ex Falso Quodlibet via Quasi-Multiple-Conclusion Natural Deduction
Fukuda, Yosuke (et al.)
A Nonmonotonic Modal Relevant Sequent Calculus
Shimamura, Shuhei
A Formalization of the Greater Fools Theory with Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Lee, Hanna S.
On Axiomatization of Epistemic GDL
Jiang, Guifei (et al.)
Putting More Dynamics in Revision with Memory
Konieczny, Sébastien (et al.)
An Empirical Route to Logical ‘Conventionalism’
Chua, Eugene
Beating the Gatecrasher Paradox with Judiciary Narratives
Urbaniak, Rafal
Distributed Knowledge Whether
Fan, Jie
A Note on Belief, Question Embedding and Neg-Raising
Cohen, Michael
Distributed Knowing Whether
Su, Xingchi
A Causal Theory of Speech Acts
Sakama, Chiaki
An Axiomatisation for Minimal Social Epistemic Logic
Zhen, Liang
Relief Maximization and Rationality
Galeazzi, Paolo (et al.)
Reason to Believe
Shi, Chenwei (et al.)
Justification Logic with Approximate Conditional Probabilities
Ognjanović, Zoran (et al.)
From Concepts to Predicates Within Constructivist Epistemology
Badie, Farshad