AOSHIMA Yoko Associate Professor
Research Subject

1. Central and East European and Russian History
2.History of the Russian Empire/Its Nationality Policies and Transformation of Borderland’s Society
3. History of the Western Borderlands of the Russian Empire

Research Fields
Central and East European Modern History; History of the Russian Empire
Graduate School - Division / Department / Laboratory
Division of Humanities / Department of Slavic-Eurasian Studies / Laboratory of Slavic-Eurasian Studies

Office/Lab: Slavic-Eurasian Research Center 526
Email: yoko.aoshima(at)
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History is deposited like sediment in a region. Confrontations and conflicts arise in various regions for a variety of reasons such as imbalances in international relationships, economic maldistribution, the movement of humans/things, military oppression, and so on. However, under the ground, diverse historical incidents accumulate to form the foundation of such regions, creating the context in which modern events occur. My interest is in clarifying the historical context constituting consciously and unconsciously human deeds and thoughts or structurally limiting the choices of individual groups to some extent. My research is targeted at Russia and its neighboring countries.

The regions I research are also appealing. I am currently researching the relationships between Russia and the western border regions of the Russian Empire—spanning from current Finland, the Baltic regions, Poland, and Belarus to Ukraine. These regions, located on the border between Europe and Russia, face various contemporary problems in a unique way, characterized by regional history built up for long period of time. Let’s explore the unique history of these regions while seeking a broader perspective to better understand the world.