Manichaeism East and West

Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum - Analecta Manichaica
S. N.C. Lieu, N. A. Pedersen, E. Morano, E. Hunter (eds.)
Satoshi TODA(分担執筆)
戸田 聡 とだ さとし 教員ページ


2013年9月にイギリス・ロンドンのSOAS University of Londonで開催された国際マニ教学会大会の会議録(Proceedings)。



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発行日: 2017.9
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Dilâ BARAN TEKIN, Mani and his teachings according to Islamic sources: An introductory study
Jason BEDUHN and Greg HODGINS, The date of the Manichaean codices from Medinet Madi, and its significance
Adam BENKATO, Incipits and Explicits in Iranian Manichaean texts
Fernando BERMEJO RUBIO, Violence and Myth: Some reflections on an aspect of the Manichaean Protology and Eschatology
Iris COLDITZ, On the names of ‘Donors’ in Middle Iranian Manichaean texts
Jean-Daniel DUBOIS, The Coptic Manichaean Psalm to Jesus (N° 245)
Majella FRANZMANN, FAHA, The Elect Cosmic Body and Manichaeism as an exclusive religion
Iain GARDNER, FAHA, and Leyla RASOULI-NARIMANI, Patīg and Pattikios in the Manichaean sources
Matthew GOFF, Wild Cannibals or Repentant Sinners? The value of the Manichaean Book of Giants for understanding the Qumran Book of Giants
Zsuzsanna GULASCI, Exploring the relic function of Mani’s Seal Stone in the Biblio-thèque nationale de France
Gábor KÓSA, Adamas of Light in the Cosmology Painting
Claudia LEURINI, The Messiah in Iranian Manichaean Texts
Samuel LIEU, FAHA, FRSN, Manichaeism East and West (Presidential Address)
Rea MATSANGOU, Real and Imagined Manichaeans in Greek Patristic anti-Manichaica (4th-6th centuries)
Enrico MORANO, Manichaean Sogdian poems
Nils Arne PEDERSEN, Observations on the Book of the Giants from Coptic and Syriac Sources
Flavia RUANI, John of Dara on Mani: Manichaean Interpretations of Genesis 2:17 in Syriac
Jonathan SMITH, Persia, Sun, Fire, Execution, and Mercy: Jean Baudrillard’s postmodern reception of Charles Allberry’s A Manichaean Psalm-Book, Part II (1938)
Christos THEODOROU, Heavenly Garment and Christology in Western Manichaean Sources
Satoshi TODA, Some Observations on Greek Words in Coptic Manichaean Texts
Yutaka YOSHIDA, FBA, Middle Iranian Terms in the Xiapu Chinese texts: Four aspects of the Father of Greatness in Parthian