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There is an opportunity of enrolling as Research Students (“Kenkyusei” : non-degree-seeking research student) at the Graduate School of Letters and the Faculty of Letters for those who wish to research a specific issue. Research Students intake takes place in April and October, and, while this is a one-year course, it is possible to extend the course duration by filing a “Request for an Extension of Research Period”.

Research Students conduct their research under the guidance of their supervisors. Where the need is approved of by their supervisor, the student is allowed to attend regular classes, subject to the dean’s approval.

Research Students system is a study scheme under which students are allowed to concentrate on research work for an agreed duration of time, without earning credits.

Admission Policies

Research Students (Kenkyusei), who wish to study specific fields for their own interests or to prepare for an examination for degree-seeking postgraduate program, can enroll in this program. However, the status of Kenkyusei is not a prerequisite for the postgraduate admission. An International Kenkyusei can choose to study not only the interested field but also Japanese language in courses offered by the International Student Center.

(1) Application:

Applicants must have completed at least sixteen years of accredited secondary school education.

For the updated information on the program and submission deadline, please see Application Form.

(2) Language Proficiency:

International applicants must be proficient in the Japanese language as most classes are conducted in Japanese.

(3) Admission Procedure:

Applicants should submit the pre-inquiry documents below to the International Affairs Unit within the application period. Pre-inquiry documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Please do not contact any professors directly. The International Affairs Unit will confirm by email that the pre-inquiry documents have been received.

(4) Enrollment:

April and October

Financial Status:

There are two statuses for international students to study in Japanese universities, regarding a tuition fee waiver and exemptions of other expenses.


A Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship student. A Kokuhi-Ryugakusei usually starts his/her career in Japan as a Kenkyusei. For more information, see International Student Center at HU website.


A student who is to financially support him/herself.


Prospective applicants who are of foreign nationality are advised to refer to the “Admission of Foreign Students (kenkyusei)”, available here in PDF, before lodging their applications.

The procedure of the following three steps is required for application.

1. Pre-inquiry: Pre-inquiry form, Proposed plan of study form, A certificate of Japanese language proficiency, A letter of recommendation

→Download Pre-inqury form (MS Word).

→Download Proposed plan of study form (MS Word).

2.Online Application

→Online Application site is here

(The page of the Graduate School of Letters and the Faculty of Letters will be ready early in October.)

3.Submission of application form

Contact Information

International Affairs Unit

Graduate School of Letters/Faculty of Letters

(Open 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)


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