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The Faculty of Letters consists of 9 courses. Philosophy and Cultural Studies, History and Anthropology, Linguistics and Literature, and Human Sciences allow students to think deeply about human life. Japan Studies, Asian and Arabic Studies, European and American Studies, and Northern Studies focus on specific regions and help students become aware of diverse viewpoints regarding their region of interest. Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies gives students the opportunity to experience a wide range of learning instead of limiting their studies to one particular subject area or region.

Nine courses covering the field of humanities knowledge

1 Philosophy and Cultural Studies

This course consists of philosophy, ethics, religion, Indian philosophy, Buddhist studies and art. In addition to questioning Knowing” and Existing” deeply, students will conduct research on How humans should live” and explore cultural phenomenon as specific effects of human mental activities.

2 History and Anthropology

The aim of this course is to use history, anthropology and archeology to study the societies and cultures of a number of regions and ethnic groups throughout the world. The course focuses on the study of ancient to contemporary history in Japan, the East, the West, as well as the study of anthropology and archeology from the birth of the human race to the present time.

3 Linguistics and Literature

Language is a means of communication as well as a tool of thinking. In the Linguistics and Literature course, students will conduct research comparing the history and mechanism of languages by time and region, and analyze the philosophy and literature represented by languages through images, language and information.

4 Human Sciences

This course aims to understand the mechanism of society and human behavior from an empirical point of view based on data analysis. Subjects of this course include experiments, surveys, research methodology plus classes related to psychology, social psychology, sociology, social ecology, geography are also offered.

5 Japan Studies

This course comprehensively examines the nature of Japanese culture through an integrated understanding in terms of time and structure across the whole culture including the philosophy, religion, art, history, language and literature that has been cultivated in Japan.

6 Asian and Arabic Studies

Areas studied in this course include the Arabic cultural area and Asia such as China, India and Korean Peninsula. Students will examine and compare the societies and cultures in these areas by multilaterally and comprehensively studying the philosophy, religion, art, history, language and literature rooted in the areas.

7 European and American Studies

Students in this course will multilaterally and comprehensively study the philosophy, religion, art, history, language and literature in Europe and America. This course gives students a chance to understand the cultures and societies of European and American regions in a comprehensive manner.

8 Northern Studies

This course allows students to learn the past and present of the human race from viewpoints encompassing archeology, cultural anthropology and ethnic linguistics. The course focuses on the North Pacific Rim region and on northern Eurasia including the Japanese archipelago. Studies of the history and culture of northern ethnic minorities including the Ainu are also included in this course.

9 Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

This course features a wide range of fields covering human behavior, actions of the mind, and the formation of society and culture. It aims to understand each subject from a comprehensive perspective based on relevant research results. Students can choose from a variety of classes across a number of disciplines.

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