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  2. <Hokkaido Summer Institute 2016>“Cultural Psychology, Frontiers in Cultural Psychology 2016” was held

Publication Date : 2016/11/22

<Hokkaido Summer Institute 2016>“Cultural Psychology, Frontiers in Cultural Psychology 2016” was held

1. Summer Institute Class

During the three days of Jun. 27th ~29th, one of the course subjects of Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) 2016, Cultural Psychology, Frontiers in Cultural Psychology 2016 was held.

HSI2016_CP1There are 28 attendees in all from on and off campus.

Followed last year, this program invited professor Takahiro Masuda, who is a leading researcher in the field of  cultural psychology at the University of Alberta・Canada. The program was in collaboration with professor Masaki Yuki, professor Susumu Ohnuma in the Department of Behavioral Science at the Graduate School of Letters.

HSI2016_CP2Animated lecture by Professor Masuda

What are the differences in the behavior patterns between the cultural areas in North America and Japan? Against to the different backgrounds, what kinds of a mechanism of hearts are working out? Also, referring to the ability to overcome the differences, and improve the technique of communication among the different cultures. To discuss that if this kind of ability is necessary, by exchanging the cases and discussions, the lecture is very substantial, in which the most lately knowledge could be touched.

HSI2016_CP3Professor Yuki is a program coordinator of this class.

Three graduate students from the University of Alberta participated in this program as teaching assistants. After presented their own research, they joined in the discussion of summer program attendees’ groups, answered the questions. Bring the activation of the discussion.

HSI2016_CP4Mr. Matthew Russell, a doctoral course student of U. of Alberta, presented his research.

HSI2016_CP5Ms. Hajin Lee in  group discussion. (woman with black clothes in central)

HSI2016_CP6Ms. Kacy Doucet, answering the questions from attendees (woman with white jacket)

Comparing to the regular classes held in Japan, in this class, there are many chances that the students could present their own opinions through the discussion. From the questionnaires for the students, it could see that many students feel it is difficult to express their own opinions in English logically, well the other hand, they also enjoy the happiness of the discussion by using English. Also, receiving the encouragement of young researchers from the University of Alberta, some attendees seem not only satisfied with studying the cultural psychology but also show the interests in researching, It seems like that they have a future prospect about studying abroad.


2. “Academic essay-writing workshop for social psychology journal”

As the continuation of a special program of last year, a three-day (Jun.30th~Jul.2nd) academic essay-writing workshop was held after the three days of Summer Institute classes. About draft papers written by the graduate students of the Department of Behavioral Science to be submitted to an academic journal, professor Masuda, also the graduate students from the University of Alberta gave their comments. Furthermore, some common errors made by Japanese authors of papers in English are highlighted, and logical composition to optimize clarity for North American readers are outlined. The whole class was held was a workshop.


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